About Teddith

Teddith strives to support the well being of all who work and play in the digital world.

From computers and smartphones to television and e-readers, our technological devices provide us with many benefits, for both work and pleasure. But use these devices too close to bedtime, and the benefits come at a cost.

The intense blue light emitted by these devices disrupts our sleep-wake cycle, energizing your brain and inhibiting melatonin production (the hormone that initiates sleep).

If you’re working on your computer, watching TV, or checking Facebook right up until bed, and are unwilling—or unable—to change your schedule, Teddith blue light blocking glasses can be your brain’s protection against strong blue light. Like the night filter on your phone, the lenses in these glasses block out blue wavelengths before your eyes perceive them. This keeps the blue light at bay, so it doesn’t interfere with your brain’s normal melatonin production.

Teddith blue light blocking glasses were developed to address our society’s always-on culture, and prevent it from affecting our ideal sleep-wake cycles.

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