"Blue Light" glasses reducing strain from looking at digital screens

"Blue Light" glasses reducing strain from looking at digital screens

WEST CHESTER, Ohio (WKRC) - Almost everyone nowadays uses computers, and the light from the screens could be putting more strain on our eyes.

So that means that people might need glasses, even with “20/20 vision.”

Whether it be a laptop computer or a cell phone, people’s eyes are glued to screens hours every day.

Whether people know it or not, the light coming from those screens can do a real number on your eyes.

It's the “blue light” and as people stare at digital screens more and more and move closer and closer to them, their eyes are feeling the effects.

West Chester Optometrist Dr. Shana Brafman says she is seeing more and more patients.

"Some of the symptoms patients are complaining about are overall fatigue, overall eye strain and overall discomfort in their eyes,” said Dr. Shana Brafman. “A lot of dryness issues are appearing as well.”

Jennifer McCarty-Smith was spending a lot of time looking at computer or phone screens. Her eyes became tired and dry and the problem got worse.

"I would have to put in eye drops,” said Jennifer. “Something is not right.”

The remedy for the problem? “Blue light” glasses.

"It actually blocks the light rays that are coming off the screens themselves so the light is not the blue light is not getting to the eye itself,” said Dr. Shana Brafman.

With a blue light lens, the impact is greatly reduced.

"Blocking of the blue rays with my digital devices I’ve noticed my eyes aren’t as tired and I’m getting multiple benefits,” said Jennifer.

"Patients notice an extreme difference right away. They are very happy with their improved comfort the decrease in eye strain and eye fatigue that they're feeling. In fact, most people say the clarity in the screen itself is much improved almost immediately,” said Dr. Shana Brafman.

Mccarty-Smith says her new glasses have made a huge difference. She can spend time looking at a computer or cell phone screen without paying the price of discomfort.

"It helps out in the big picture I can see clear, they're not tired they’re not as dry so I get those results so it does better your life,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer McCarty-Smith says she had her 8-year-old daughter fitted with blue-light eye ware, since children spend so much time on computers.

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